Episode 2

The Cone of Silence: Why is nobody talking about the C word?

Is talking about climate change useful, or just a bunch of hot air? In this episode, we explore the importance of climate communication and the reasons people just don't talk about it. Learn how to talk climate at your next party - without your guests running away!

And, we send Donnie to the mean streets of Santa Monica to have awkward conversations with random strangers about whether they talk about climate change. Plus the latest climate news of the week. 

Our episode features behavioralist Tom Bateman, climate communicator David Saddington, and presidential advisor/TV host Mark McKinnon.

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Chris Stemp

CHRIS STEMP (co-host) is a D.C. based Manager of Leadership development at Nestle and also the host of the long-running Smart People Podcast. He lives on a farm in Virginia where he raises chickens, bees, and awareness.
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Donnie Stemp

DONNIE STEMP (co-host) Los Angeles based writer, performer, and activist. And Chris's brother.