Episode 1

Toilet Paper: Are We Flushing Our Future Down the Drain?

In our premiere episode, we cut the crap and examine why we're wiping our butts with our most precious resource - and what we can do about it.

You will be surprised how the simple act of switching to alternative toilet papers can have an immense impact on one of our most important carbon fighting tools, our forests. And, the caribou and wolverines will thank you.

In this episode we feature Jennifer Skene of the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) as well as the founders of the alternative toilet paper brand Betterway.

We'll also catch you up to date on the latest climate news of the week.

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Chris Stemp

CHRIS STEMP (co-host) is a D.C. based Manager of Leadership development at Nestle and also the host of the long-running Smart People Podcast. He lives on a farm in Virginia where he raises chickens, bees, and awareness.
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Donnie Stemp

DONNIE STEMP (co-host) Los Angeles based writer, performer, and activist. And Chris's brother.